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21th Nov. 2004

This week I bought a Medion scanner (at Dutch Aldi's, for € 59,95), because I like to scan quite a lot of 35 mm slides for full screen monitor reproduction.

NEW 2015: A driver for Windows Vista can be found at Microtek.

Comparing 2400/600 dpi
I was rather satisfied (see the bus at the left image 1:1 inset at 2400 dpi compared to the inset of the central image at 600 dpi), although the scanning time (2 min. per slice) and the mechanical provisions are not too good for large series of slides.

results for bright areas
There appeared, however, a strange phenomenon in that I could by no means produce the mountain at 2400 dpi, which is clearly present in the 600 dpi scan (central image and even better in the darker right hand side image). Did anyony else experience such a phenomenon?

High resolution results
The following slide was taken with a better camera. I present a detail in order to show scan resolution; the inset gives the entire 32mm slide rescanned from 3372 to 400 pixels horizontally.

Results for dark areas
No, increasing brightness did not reveal many more details in the black of the original scan, although the slide showed traces of water running over the edge of the fountain. So black representation is a bit weak too, also at 600dpi, where black is noisy. The result is more than sufficient, however, for my target: transforming a lot of boxes with slides to a family-album on CD.

Applied settings for slides: Negative film scan detail

Influence of masking film windows
In a very dark slide I saw a bright shine at both sides (below left). I suspected the highly illuminated fields at both sides of the slide, which you need when scanning film material.
The solution was given by masking those fields by strips of simple typing paper under the mylar sheets intended for filmstrips (result below right).
Normal setup Film areas masked

Deutsche Version
Es erreichten mir anlässlich dieser Seite mehrere Berichte aus Deutschland mit Fragen über die benutzte Einstellung.
Ich benutzte Englisch als eingestellte Sprache und die holländische Gebrauchsanleitung, aber mit Hilfe der englische, da die holländische undeutlich war.

Power Saving
By clicking Scanner\ Scanner Control you reach a screen which allows you to set Auto Power Saving mode if idle for a certain time. I chose 10 minutes, but after 10 miniutes the bloody thing starts squeaking, not very loud but still a bit annoying.

Well, the LightLid does not perfectly fit on top of the scanner; a few millimeters of position play is left. I don't like such a lack of reproducibility. Therefore I glued a single match to the rim at one side of the LightLid, which fixes its position all right.